Jason Traeder

About Me

I make video games

I'm a 26 year old programmer with over a decade of experience in the games industry. With a broad skill set in game development, I have experience programming, 3D modeling, animating, networking, UI creation & more.


The Mirror

The Mirror is an all-in-one game and game development platform, designed to empower developers and 3D creators with limitless experiences & creativity.

Time: 2022 - 2024
Role: Senior Engineer

Indie Game Developer

I've worked on a diverse array of projects, spanning various platforms, genres, and art styles, which has allowed me to continuously broaden my expertise and capabilities.

Time: 2014 - Now

Walter's Rebound (Unity, PC)

Recreation of Valve's Ricochet with improved mechanics, additional maps, intelligent bots, gameplay modifiers and more.

Racers Remastered (Unity, PC)

Total recreation of LEGO Racers that was to feature new tracks, power-ups, racing mechanics, multiplayer and more.

Grave Quest (Unity, s&box, UE5, PC)

Kart based arena survival game, originally created in Unity in 72 hours for Halloween 2020, then later ported to s&box (Source 2), and then recreated again in UE5.

Washed Ashore (Unity, PC)

Randomly generated island survival FPS centered around crafting and base-building.

Zibulon 2 (Unity, PC)

Multiplayer coop 2D side-scrolling wave-based alien shooter. With lots of asteroids.

Ogel Island (Unity, PC)

Multiplayer island sandbox. Drive around in cars, ride jet skis & bikes, fly helicoptors, deliver pizza & more.

Jumpy (s&box, PC)

Multiplayer proc-gen Frogger clone utilizing the s&box engine (C#) based on Source 2.

Planet Jumper (Unity, PC, Mobile)

2D fast-paced side-scrolling movement platformer.

Frost (Unity, PC)

Players try to survive in a tundra environment. Dead players come back as annoying crows.

Harvest (Unity, PC)

Work together to build up a successful farm and defend it from nightly monsters that want your crops.

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