About Me

My name is Jason and I've been interested in game development for many years now. I've dedicated a good chunk of my life to staring at computer screens programming, designing, testing and playing various games and projects while enjoying just about every minute of it.

I have been using Unity for 5+ years and have had experience with many aspects of game development, including prototyping, testing, polishing, releasing, updating, and networking, along with experience using Blender, Photoshop/GIMP, and various other software, you name it I've at least dabbled in it.

Well I suppose that's enough of an introduction for now, you can take a look at what I've actually accomplished by exploring the tabs above. ☝️

Social / Contact 🔔

If you'd like to contact me for work, or just have a question and wanna chat, then feel free to shoot me a message.

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Papa Brickolini#9456
<a href='unreleased-projects.html'><font color='#aae64d'><i>Ogel Island</i></font></a>
<a href='racers-remastered.html'><font color='#FFD500'><i>Racers Remastered</i></font></a>
<a href='released-projects.html'><font color='#93ED93'><i>Zibulon 2</i></font></a>
<a href='prototypes.html'><font color='#a78d76'><i>Harvest</i></font></a>